ADO A16, A20, A20F Electric Bike throttle not working how to resolve

Step 1

About the throttle, all ADO bikes are settled as not"0 km start", it means when it's 0 km speed, the throttle can't work.
it have to change the setting as below:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the + and – keys for 5 seconds, the display interface enters into interface 2
  2. Short press Power Key switch the number of P channel then use the + or – key to modify the value of channel P0-9  0000, it means "0 km start"
  3. P0-9  0001, it means NOT "0 km start" - default
    when the speed is more than 6 km/h, the throttle can work.
    but at less than  6 km/h, the throttle can't work.
  4. Wait for 5 seconds to automatically exit the setting state, press the POWER button to shut down, and restart again.

Step 2

How to Shift Hybrid Drive Mode

  1. Power off state. Turn the throttle level to the end and pinch the brake at the same time. then turn on the bike 
  2. Hold on 20 seconds later, Release the brake and throttle lever. Complete the mode switch to Hybrid drive mode. 

Step 3 

Change to 3 Assistance mode and use throttle drive mode

Please follow the video how change throttle hybrid drive from start the ebike.


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